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This wiki will teach library users how to utilize the Readers' Advisory tool NoveList Plus, allowing them to find new and exciting books to read. Patrons can search by title, author, genre, and recommendations created by librarians and literature specialists.

What is NoveList?Edit

NoveList is a readers' advisory service provided by EBSCO.  It was founded in 1990 by Duncan Smith, a librarian specializing in readers' advisory, who got frustrated with the fact that advisory was limited to a librarian's memory and what they personally had read.  He felt that all readers' advisory librarians could benefit from a database where they could search for additional titles, authors, and genres with which they had no experience.  In 1994, the first DOS product with 20,000 adult titles and 1,200 reviews was released.  In 1999, it was purchased by EBSCO and has since been upgraded with a youth index, non-fiction recommendations, expanded reading recommendations for all titles, and reader ratings from GoodReads.

Do I need an account?Edit

You do not need an account to use NoveList Plus.  You can get a free account, however, and this enables you to save searches, to save interesting titles for another time, and to create book lists of your own. However, this is a database and must be used through your public or academic library since they have paid the fees necessary for the use of this product.

Video Tutorial Master ListEdit

Here is a link to the master playlist of NoveList Plus tutorial videos.  When NoveList Plus got its last update in early 2013, EBSCOHost created several short, easy-to-follow videos on how to use some of the features.

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